Dillema in love


And it comes in Flashbacks….
“If you love two people at the same time , go with the second one because if you really loved the first you would have never been fallen for the second” – Johnn depp
The Theory These Days
This thing is getting pretty serious these days , apparently ‘ Nice guys’ are being “Friendzoned” and  so called ‘Bad guys’ are getting all the girls.
Relationship Crap
This whole relationship thing is about something called “Trust” most importantly. But now-a-days its all about ‘Hey I have a boyfriend/Girlfriend’.
Yes we feel insecure to lose the one we love but ‘Doubt and fear’ fucks up all.
They say Expectations leads to Disappointments and then Say We expect more from them because we are willing to do so much for them .
Are you serious ??
Stick to one thing Man.


Weirdly Wise World


Its funny how everyone around you tends to give advice on almost everything. Like they are the ‘most knowledgeable’ person alive on earth.
The world around us is ‘Wierdly Wise’ , they have an intellectual level of their own.For their own problems they seek someone else and become the best adviser when anybody else is in trouble.

Alone even in the Crowd

I don’t know why At some point or the other everyone goes through this or feels the same way. That empty feeling , that ‘something is missing’ feeling , The “Alone” feeling.
Living with so many people around being it Family, Friends, Colleagues , Neighbours etc. Why we still feel secluded ??
Seeing people happy with their loved ones, why we wish to have a ‘Someone special’ of our own?
Why a ‘ Someone’ becomes our reason to be sad and happy at the same time. Why we crave for someone so badly?
To share some untold secrets, To hold our hand in the Crowd, To ensure us no matter if anybody in the crowd belongs to us or not they will there for us.
I’m waiting for this to happen 🙂

Depression’ For Life And Beyond


I might post sad posts all the time. I might post sad statuses and Display pictures all the time. But that doesn’t mean I’m depressed or something. I post everything on my profile if it’s bothering you, you can just unsee it, hide it from your wall better unfriend me. But still some people show their concern by asking ” what happened to you? ”  I hope they literally mean it or they just ask it out of formality and then they say she will name her blog ” Depression for life and beyond”

Though I liked it 😛

Friends and the good old days


Friends are said to the people we choose as our Family members. They accept us the way we are; Irritating,stupid,moody, or whatever . They enter when everyone else leaves. They are the ones who say good behind our backs and bad on our faces.

With change of time and circumstances, Distance set the Friends apart. Some get busy making a living, some in making other’s dream come true. But not even time can weaken strong bonds. I miss my School friends.After coming to the college everyone separated in different fields different worlds.

When we all meet after a long time, old days refreshes in our minds. Those never-ending talks, making fun of each other , sharing secrets over delicious food. Talking out each other’s happening/Not-So-Hapening love life. Sharing future goals. Friends are for life.

Dont you think it might have been boring without them ..?

The life would have been so dull.

But thankfully I’m blessed with some nice souls around.

The Late Night Struggle

Teenage life – A life full of chaos. A phase of understanding and not understanding at the same time. To make wrong decisions and learning thereafter. A time of ‘fatal attraction’ . A journey of understanding Love. The so called “People-in-Love” are tend to sleep late doing ‘babu-Shona’ and endless crap. And the failed ones stay awake all night thinking where else their life will take them now.Constantly, thinking about that one person whole night ‘ is it normal’ ? With n numbers of sleepless nights the question still remained unanswered. Hope one fine night these Failed ones will get a relaxing sleep. Hope they meet someone worth living together and forever.

First post

The title/name ” Beneath the Shadow” is apparently taken or in  India is said to be inspired from a Whatsapp status.

My cousin has this phrase as her Whatsapp status I don’t know what exactly she meant by it but I liked it.

I’m not going do the  writer/poet stuff. Will just share some of my feelings.