Why Will Smith is Our all Time Favorite Hollywood Actor!!



He’s Bad-Ass, He’s Funny, He’s classy and He’s handsome, oh !! The list is endless.

Will started his acting career from a sitcom ‘The Fresh Price of Bel-Air’ (1990) which was loved by all then and even now. Smith gained his popularity mainly from this series only. And from then he became Unstoppable.

From winning a Grammy in Rap Category in 1988 to almost getting Bankrupt in 1990 he came a long way. He has been consistently featured as the wealthiest American under the age of 40 in Fortune Magazine’s ‘Richest 40’.

Recently, his movie Suicide Squad and Collateral Beauty released and it was equally loved by all.

Here’s the proof why he’s our favourite actor of all time, some of his finest works in Hollywood:


  1. Independence Day (1996)

IMDb Rating 6.9/10


In this Sci- Fi Movie , Will plays Captain Steve Hiller , a United States Marine Corps .

Director of the movie wanted to cast smith in this particular role after watching his acting in ‘Six Days of Separation’ .


He looks so dashing as a U.S Marine .

Omg !! * Love *

  1. Hitch (2005)

ImDb Rating  6.6/10



Alex Hitches aka Smith is a Professional Date Doctor in this 2005 Hollywood Rom Com .He helps guys find their true love .His chemistry with Eva Mendes is amazing .

He looks so charming in this movie . *Drools*

David Dhawan’s ‘Partner’ is also inspired from this movie only where Salman Khan plays Will and Govinda Plays Kevin James.



He’s surely a Dream Date Doctor .

  1. I, Robot (2004)

         IMDb Rating 7.1/10


He’s a detective in this one. Detective Del Spooner . In the Robot Era he doesn’t trust the robots at all. He’s investigates the case of Death of the creator of the Robots , Dr. Lanning . One must watch this movie if you are a science fiction fanatic or just a Will Smith Lover . Enough said !!


  1. Bad Boys (1995)

IMDb Rating 6.8/10

bad boys

In this action- Comedy will plays a Maimi Detective along with Martin Lawrence and ohh these black cops are Bad !! They create menace , everytime they try to solve the case they eventually end up blowing it.

So, these bad boys prove their worth by uncovering a case of drug lords in the city.This movie is full of action and will tickle your funny bones throughout the movie.

P.S : Will looks Super Awesome in this one.


*Such Hotness*

5.The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

IMDb Rating 8/10


Now this one is my Favorite and after watching this movie if anyone still hates Will , will fall in love with him.

It’s a biographical Drama based on the life of Chris Gardener , an entrepreneur who lived homeless for nearly one year  alone with his Little son .

This movie is a perfect portrayal of a Father- Son relationship.

The hardship a father goes through in providing a perfect living to his child .

It’s a roller coaster ride of Struggle , Sadness , Happiness and Success.

And trust me in the end of this movie you will feel so happy for this guy and will say alas he finally achieved what he worked so hard for . !!


P.S : Will’s son Jaden Smith acted as his on screen son Christopher Gardner in this very movie .

Quote from this movie :


” Don’t ever let somebody tell you , you can’t do something.

You got a Dream ,

You gotta protect it .

People can’t do something themselves ,

They want to tell you , you  can’t do it .

You want something ?

You get it.



Isn’t that totally inspiring and motivating  ??

Ohh we love you Will ,





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