Are You Really Busy ?


A term generally used by people when they are engaged in some sort of activity or trying to avoid/Ignore someone.

Time is Running
Yes..! Time is not going to wait for you be it Business , Be it love ,Be it any other relationship , Each and every relationship needs time. Its not that easy to spare certain ‘Precious minutes’ out of your Busy schedule . There are 24 hours in a day, sometime could be easily managed (if one is willing to).

Make the Most of It.
Time is like sand in the hands once gone its gone forever. Make the Most if it , Dont hesitate to share your feelings with your loved ones.
If someone really loves you even 5 minutes of your time in day will make them smile . Because while you are keeping yourself busy in the materialistic pleasures of life you are depriving yourself from the happiness You can get from your loved ones. šŸ™‚


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