Dillema in love


And it comes in Flashbacks….
“If you love two people at the same time , go with the second one because if you really loved the first you would have never been fallen for the second” – Johnn depp
The Theory These Days
This thing is getting pretty serious these days , apparently ‘ Nice guys’ are being “Friendzoned” and  so called ‘Bad guys’ are getting all the girls.
Relationship Crap
This whole relationship thing is about something called “Trust” most importantly. But now-a-days its all about ‘Hey I have a boyfriend/Girlfriend’.
Yes we feel insecure to lose the one we love but ‘Doubt and fear’ fucks up all.
They say Expectations leads to Disappointments and then Say We expect more from them because we are willing to do so much for them .
Are you serious ??
Stick to one thing Man.


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