Friends and the good old days


Friends are said to the people we choose as our Family members. They accept us the way we are; Irritating,stupid,moody, or whatever . They enter when everyone else leaves. They are the ones who say good behind our backs and bad on our faces.

With change of time and circumstances, Distance set the Friends apart. Some get busy making a living, some in making other’s dream come true. But not even time can weaken strong bonds. I miss my School friends.After coming to the college everyone separated in different fields different worlds.

When we all meet after a long time, old days refreshes in our minds. Those never-ending talks, making fun of each other , sharing secrets over delicious food. Talking out each other’s happening/Not-So-Hapening love life. Sharing future goals. Friends are for life.

Dont you think it might have been boring without them ..?

The life would have been so dull.

But thankfully I’m blessed with some nice souls around.


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